As true letterpress enthusiasts, we believe it is our duty to share our knowledge and encourage the revival of this otherwise dying craft. Whether you have been enchanted by lettepress and can't wait to learn more, or you're just looking for a break from technology and want to learn something new, this is a fantastic opportunity to learn the basics of letterpress. This 1-day intensive will cover how to set lead type, print from plates, mix ink, select paper, trim paper on a gillotine cutter and operate our 1913 Chandler & Price 'New Series' jobbing platen press. While traditional press people considered letterpress printing a trade, it is now commonly considered an art. Our workshops reflect respect for both perspectives and encourage next generation creativity with past generation integrity.


This year we have decided to modify our scheduling practices to make our workshops more accessible to everyone. From time to time, we may schedule a public offering workshop (see below) but sessions will now primarily be offered by request. Individual registration fees will remain the same, however, there are now three structures to choose from.


WHO: You + a second student
WHEN: Choose a date at least 30 days in advance. This date will be added to Modus' public offering workshop schedule.
PROJECT: Create your own greeting cards. (set of 12)
COST: $240 CDN +tx (includes all materials)


WHO: You + a friend
WHEN: Choose a date that works for you and your friend.
(No advance booking restriction as with OPEN SOLO.)
PROJECT: Create your own greeting cards. (set of 12)
COST: $450 CDN +tx (price for 2 people, includes all materials)


WHO: You, one-on-one with the instructor
WHEN: Choose a date that works for you.
(No advance booking restriction as with OPEN SOLO.)
PROJECT OPTION A: Create your own greeting cards. (set of 12)
PROJECT OPTION B: Designer's choice. (max size: 5X7, max colours: 2) This option is great for designers who want to print their own artwork (created within the technical parameters of the letterpress medium), choose their own inks, and do as many prints as time permits.
COST: $360 CDN +tx (includes all materials, a nominal fee for extra paper may apply)


There are no public offering workshops currently scheduled but we are always accepting bookings for weekend sessions. (Updated: Summer 2012)


To register and schedule a date that works best for you, click here to download the registration form, fill out the required fields and email it back to us. Within 48 hours, you will receive a confirmation email and will then be required to remit a 50% deposit to secure your spot in the session. Applications will be processed in the order that they are received.

Please email us if you have questions or concerns regarding any of the above information.

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